The Wild Animal Infirmary for Nevada (W.A.I.F.)

2920 Eagle Street
Carson City, Nevada 89704
United States
view phone775-849-0345


The Wild Animal Infirmary for Nevada (WAIF) is an IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit,
    educational and charitable organization chartered in July of 1978 to care for ill, injured and
    orphaned wildlife.  When the birds and animals have recovered, they are returned to the wild.

WAIF is operated by medically trained people.  Veterinarians do the examinations, diagnoses and
    surgeries, and an M.D. Ophthalmologist treats eye problems.  Nursing care of wildlife is done under
    the supervision of a registered nurse and the Infirmary is staffed with a few select volunteers.

WAIF is located at a home with an attached two-car garage which has been converted to a lovely
    and convenient acute-care facility.  In the room there are two banks of stainless-steel cages
    which were purchased through the matching of funds by WAIF with the  Robert Z. Hawkins
    Foundation.  The room has heat, lights, water, and air conditioning.  On an acre next to the hospital,
    there are large pens for wildlife needing outdoor exercise.

We admit many birds and animals each year and as we are medically trained folks, our release rate
    is exceptionally high.  We receive compromised wildlife from the Nevada Division of Wildlife,  
    the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service, Audubon Society, all animal control agencies, Nevada
    Humane Society, police departments, sheriffs' departments, Nevada Highway Patrol, fire departments
    and the general populous.

To keep our wildlife hospital going, we must depend upon donations to provide veterinary care,
     food and supplies for our patients.  For the donors, these contributions are tax deductible.