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Premiere Carpet Cleaners in Utah

There’s no doubt about it – if you’ve got carpet in your home, it’s most likely dirty.

Whether you’ve got a few of the more visible culprits – sticky juice spills, old pet urine stains or tracked in dirt from the garden – or it’s just been some time since you’ve had a steam clean carpet cleaner out, the floors in your home have been collecting dirt, grime and dust every day.

“We clean-up after pets, floods, and 2-year-olds,” Brian Blair, Prestige Carpet & Tile Care owner said. “I clean carpet and tile and help out with any spots customers have, and provide them with tips on better ways to keep their carpet clean.”

Get a Free Carpet, Tile or Air Duct Cleaning Cost Estimate

And if you’ve been wondering, “Do I need to clean my air ducts or where’s air duct cleaning near me?” Prestige Carpet & Tile Care can most definitely help you with your needs.

 “I like making people happy and I feel like we do it well. It’s a good feeling helping people feel clean in their home, having a clean and sanitized place to live, and doing the right job the first time is how I do things,” Brian said. “It’s about the service aspect of the business for me to do a quality job with outstanding service.”

Prestige offers a variety of cleaning services in addition to carpet and tile and grout, including seal, upholstery, furniture, and RV cleaning, and wood and garage floor cleaning services.  Call for a free estimate.

Looking for a Quality Seal Grout for Your Tile Floors?

One popular service Prestige offers is tile floor grout sealing with an additional, standout perk: A lifetime guarantee on the seal.

“The guarantee really sets us apart from other tile grout sealers. If you need a re-seal in the future, we will do it for free,” Brian said. “The seal will need to be cleaned over time, but it’s much more affordable and easier to maintain tile floors with sealer.”

Experience a Deeper Clean with a Steam Clean Carpet Cleaner

A regular carpet cleaning may appear to have thoroughly rid your floor of dirt and debris, but without a steam clean process, chances are there are still layers of grime stuck to the fibers of your carpet.

Prestige offers a hot water extraction process which provides a soft water, deep clean without leaving behind any soap or hard water residue, and it also sanitizes the carpet. Brian said 95 percent of carpet manufacturers recommend steam clean carpet cleaners.

“The hot water is key to getting dirt extracted out of the carpet, and we can also complete a deep clean on tile floor and grout,” Brain said.  “I would do a pre-treatment on tile, grout, carpet – a no soap, no residue product which is important so you don’t track more dirt to the floors with residue.” 

Founded by his father in 1995, Brian said after more than 20 years of cleaning carpet and tile, experience has taught him some of the most effective techniques for deep cleaning home carpets, tile and grout.

“My dad was always about people first – make them happy and then follow that up with a quality job,” Brian said. “I’m a people person. I love meeting and talking to different people and this job allows me to do that all day, every day.”

What Others Say About Prestige Carpet & Tile Care

Brian says some of his most memorable customer feedback comes from happy customers.

A recent customer told Brian, “The tile and grout cleaning was totally worth it – it looks brand new again! Worth every penny.”

Another customer exclaimed after he removed a tough stain, “I think I love you. It looks brand new and like nothing ever happened.” 

“I like taking care of problems, making people happy, and working on unique spots on floors or carpets that have a problem with them. I can usually solve the problem in one way or another,” Brian said.    

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