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Sinead Urwin, founder of My Body, One Life, is uniquely qualified to help you meet your health and wellness goals as an individual or as an organization. She brings a holistic vision to her work that allows her to meet the intimate needs of her clients, whether doing one-on-one consultations or working with corporations. She has created a series of carefully calibrated programs that give you a step-by-step path to achieving greater vitality in all areas of your life and organization. You are ready for her program, wherever you are on in your journey, as her programs are adaptable to every fitness level and provide clear, realistic goals from beginning to end.

The “My Body, One Life” Philosophy

You are not an island. Your health and wellness is connected to and affected by all other areas of your life. This is why Sinead takes a holistic approach to her coaching programs, focusing on bringing your life into harmony and balance in all areas in order to create the best environment for you to achieve your goals. Together, you will look at the details of your life and identify the components that may be creating a cycle of sabotage to your success. For instance, perhaps you’re not getting enough rest, which depletes your energy and makes it more difficult to exercise. Or perhaps you are experiencing a load of stress caused by unbalanced relationships or too much overtime at work, which is causing you to overeat. It’s important to take a whole-life approach to your progress.

The key is to look more closely at the big picture, and not too closely at the small one. The My Body, One Life approach will not micromanage calories, fats, proteins and carbs, or give you a rigid list of “Eat” and “Don’t Eat” foods. Instead, you will step back and take an inventory of the emotional, physical, and spiritual experiences you most desire, then create a thorough, satisfying, and healthy path to get there. You can create a deeper sense of wellbeing, gratitude, light and joy in your life by following proven strategies for managing weight, reducing food cravings, improving your rest, and increasing your energy. In doing so, you will find that developing this deeper state of contentment also serves your ability to achieve your goals in each of these areas and more. Light breeds light.

You will not be following a rigid plan that requires you to sacrifice what you love most. Instead, the My Body, One Life program will help you to identify exactly what it is that you most desire and create a plan that will allow you to embrace it. In this way, you are not going on a diet or subscribing to a passing fad; you are changing your life so that you can more fully have it. As you work through your customized program, you will be able to implement lasting change with ease. 

Health Tools and Principles

This unique approach to your peak performance focuses on these tools and principles:

Bio-individuality™ - No two people are alike; each person has a unique physical makeup and lifestyle. Your individual program will be catered to YOUR life and YOUR body.

  • Primary Food™ - When you look at the big picture of your life and sense of wellbeing, it’s clear that your first source of nourishment is not food. By focusing on improving the quality of your primary food sources, such as your relationships, spiritual awareness, career, and physical activity, you will find the true sense of vitality you’re looking for.

  • Integrative Nutrition™ Plate – This gives you a snapshot of how your plate should be organized in terms of the kinds of foods, portion sizes, and food quality that will best serve you, as well as emphasizing the Primary Foods that will position you for long-term success.

  • Shopping and Kitchen Revitalization – You will implement a kitchen and pantry makeover that will set you up for success. You will learn how to shop smart to find the best foods at the best places and at the best prices.

Corporate Wellness Services

My Body, One Life offers Corporate Wellness training to improve the quality of your work place. Your team is made up of individuals who each have various personal factors affecting the quality of their work. By integrating Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching into the workplace, you will improve team productivity, health, stamina and moral. Your unique corporate culture will become one in which each person finds a greater sense of work fulfillment because it moves them closer to their overall life goals. The health of your organization starts with the health of its members!


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