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If I'm your customer, I care about 3 things: What did you do for me, if it made my life better, and how working with you made me feel. Branding takes charge of that critical trio of client needs.

As a brand strategist with over 20 years experience working with businesses and entrepreneurs, I work with clients one on one to make your unique genius tangible so that your best clients "get" you, and want to work with you. Marketing your product or service is no longer enough to get our customers' attention—and since every purchasing decision starts from a desire to feel something, we have to engage clients on an emotional level first.

When a business stands for something, customers want to be a part of that—they want to experience it. Nike stands for aspiration, grit, and triumph. Rolls Royce stands for superior quality and timeless excellence. Apple stands for innovation and across-your-life connectivity. These distinctions help these great brands connect and sell, and distinctions can help you too.

My clients come to me for branding help because they:

• Need to stand out from the competition
• Are ready to raise their prices
• Have a tired website, business cards and marketing materials
• Want to sell to a specific audience
• Have a strong, unique personality and want to take advantage of that
• Have outgrown their old name or brand
• Need an elegant, professional website but don't want to pay thousands of dollars and half a year or longer doing it
• Are ready to raise their game and get a professional logo and business cards that reflect the quality they deliver

Call to set up a free call and find out how to connect and sell to more of your customers.

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