JoyGrace Harmony, JV Strategist


Dunedin, Florida 33603
United States
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Solopreneurs and business owners hire me to do the important work of finding them new JV partners and awesome clients so they can focus on what they do best... delivering their genius!

I get them massive exposure and access to new resources and markets. So I help business owners create win/win relationships that grow their influence and revenue quickly!

Benefits of JV Partnerships

1. You can build long lasting business relationships.
2. You can increase your credibility by teaming up with other reputable, branded businesses.
3. You can get free products and services.
4. You can construct most joint venture deals with little or no money.
5. You can gain new leads and customers.
6. You can get discounts on products and services.
7. You can save money on business operating costs.
8. You can beat your competition.
9. You can gain referrals from other businesses.
10. You can solve your business problems.
11. You can save valuable time.
12. You can get free and low cost advertising.
13. You can offer your customers new products and services.
14. You can survive a depression, recession or a slow economy.
15. You can save money by sharing advertising and marketing costs.
16. You can target other potential markets.
17. You can expand and grow your business quickly.
18. You can gain valuable information or skills.
19. You can increase and protect your cash flow.
20. You can find new profit outlets.
21. You can become rich and wealthy.
22. You can start almost any business at little or no costs.
23. You can get rid of your extra inventory.
24. You can reduce and eliminate your debts and avoid bankruptcy.
25. You can afford to sell your products at a lower price.