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Digital Impressionist David Osterczy, better known as Oz, is most definitely, “The man behind the curtain.”  He is a pioneer in the art community, making waves and leaving his mark around the world.

Although he is most often categorized as a digital impressionist, his art is an evolution of several mediums. Each image is unique and stands as a single hand-picked creation pulled from a stream of endless possibilities. Oz’s process begins with nature and a camera. Whether he is photographing a singer with a guitar, a field of saplings in the morning light, or a single leaf on a bed of grass, he is drawn to color, form and lighting. He may take up to 700 pictures to capture the one that captures what he’s looking for. The image is then installed across 16 different digital programs to create what he calls Imploded Nature. This is the most accurate term for what he is creating, as each image is quite literally a piece of imploded nature, with every pixel exploding into a different direction, bringing the art connoisseur on an inward and outward journey of discovery.

This artist’s ambitions go far beyond sharing his artistic gifts and changing the art community. He has set out to revolutionize an entire industry – how people create art, view art, buy art and experience art. He isn’t just quietly selling his unique pieces to a hungry international market. Oz is a visionary making waves locally and abroad. Plans are underway to open a gallery in the Salt Lake City, Utah, an area that embodies the spirit of his art – a blend of mediums. It will be unlike any other gallery. Instead of prohibiting a hands-on experience, Oz will encourage patrons to touch and experience the art while they munch on a croissant or sip a cup of coffee. He says it will be a cross between a forest, a maze and a coffee house. Like his art, it will be one of a kind.

Whether in his studio imploding nature, walking through the mountains with a camera, or brainstorming on how he can bring art programs to inner city children with a not-for-profit he is founding, Oz is blazing new trails through an ancient industry. His message transcends mere words and is communicated through passion and bursts of color. He’s an artist, a pioneer, and an entrepreneur who wants to change the world—and is doing it, one piece of Imploded Nature at a time.