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Estate Protectors is an advisory firm that focuses on planning for the various stages of aging; retirement, needing care, relocating to senior living, and final arrangements.

The effects that aging has on your family’s financial position is drastic and Estate Protectors specializes in pre-planning strategies for all aspects of your estate and financial future.

Let Estate Protectors provide you solutions to support the longevity of your money, adding peace of mind to your retirement.

Crisis Waiting To Happen


Living Trust and Estate Planning

Estate Planning:

As Asset Protection Specialists, our team walks you and your family through the entire process of getting your legal estate planning affairs and documents in order.  Whether you currently have documents in place and want us to set up a NO COST review to ensure they are in good order (approximately 70% of those that are reviewed are not) or simply have been meaning to get documents drafted, let Estate Protectors be your estate planning guide and advisor.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning:

Our philosophy is focused on Pre & Post Retirement.  We believe that a peaceful & secure retirement is based on knowing our everyday bills and then your discretionary expenses are covered every day, every month by your income.  If your income doesn't cover these needs, then we create guaranteed streams of income that do, with some of the financial resources you have.

With the remainder of your resources, we then look at creating a viable care plan to prepare for the high costs of nursing.

From there, if there are remaining funds available, we create either Legacy or Growth models to complete your intentions with your estate and financial affairs.

Let us provide you an assessment of what we would encourage you to create in your planning or provide you a second point of view on your current program.


Insurance Services:

As Insurance Brokers, we have a team of professionals that specialize in all areas of insurance and liability protection.  Please call us to discuss or review your insurance needs or policies:

  • Medicare

  • Life Insurance

  • Annuities

  • Homeowners, Auto & Umbrella

  • Health

Senior Moving

Senior Relocation Management:

Over the years, as our clients have aged, we have provided Project Management Support to coordinate the efforts of many professionals involved with assisting our clients in moving from their homes to assisted living or downsizing.

We act as your Single Point of Contact, while coordinating the efforts of:

  • Organizers

  • Movers

  • Real Estate Professional

  • Home Repair Specialists (Handyman/Contractor/Plumber/Electrician/Painter, etc.)

  • Home Stager

  • Photographer

  • Title & Escrow Officer

Why call all these individuals and try to manage their efforts when for a nominal fee, we can do it for you?  We are specialists and getting you and your family through this LARGE transition.  Call our office today for a plan and quote.


Care Planning:

With the high costs of In-Home Care and Assisted Living (increasing approximately 6% annually), we provide pre-planning solutions that will create valuable streams of income to help pay for your future care.

For immediate and urgent care needs (crisis planning), we are specialists in VA benefits and Medicaid Planning Strategies.

It is never too late to discuss your concerns with us to determine your best path moving forward in your care planning.


VA Benefits (Aid & Attendance):

Could you, your spouse or your parents use another $2,169 tax free dollars to help pay for care or assisted living (an absolute yes for most we talk to)?

No matter what you have been told by someone at the VA, a Social Worker, or an Assisted Living Community, please let us discuss with you your options for applying for and getting approved with Aid & Attendance Benefits.

Call us for a NO COST consultation.

Health Costs

Medicaid Planning:

Again, no matter what you have heard or been advised, the rules for Medicaid Eligibility are very complicated and there is much misinformation out there.

Let us discuss with you how Medicaid Planning could help protect your estate from the high cost of Skilled Nursing and even Assisted Living.

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Ben McAffee rates this listing with

I was impressed with Troy's attention to detail. He is a true professional.

10/30/2018 - 05:59 pm

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Susan Henwood Hamilton rates this listing with

Relocation of seniors from their home to a senior apartment, assisted living home, or memory care/nursing home facility can be emotional and stressful. Estate Protectors works with professionals to make the transition easier by helping to create a living environment that preserves their memories with their treasured possessions.

10/30/2018 - 03:44 pm

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Scott B. rates this listing with

I have worked with Troy now for a couple of years and he has proved invaluable on a couple of cases I needed help with. I will certainly be working with him again and would highly recommend his services. He knows his stuff!

10/30/2018 - 02:08 pm

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