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“Cowboy Ted” Hallisey, who has spent over 15 years using his cowboy persona to teach children it’s fun to be healthy, says he’s stepping up to be a role model in an age when so many high-profile figures are either refusing to be one, or are setting negative examples for our children.

The Mission Statement

Cowboy Ted’s stated mission is, "To introduce young people to positive role models, who encourage youngsters to choose a healthy lifestyle for themselves, including the choice to refuse to use tobacco products."

His goal is to reach over one million children and make a positive impact on their lives. The CDC reports that suicide is the second leading cause of death for young people between the ages of 10 and 24, with over 5,000 suicides being reported each year. Cowboy Ted says he wants to do his part to eradicate those numbers by connecting with children and engaging them in a positive message. By using various platforms to cater to a variety of ages and learning styles, he intimately reaches more individuals to let them know they are seen and valued. He has already touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of children, and is actively working to expand his reach.

Positive Example for Kids

He fills his mission statement by focusing on these eight concepts of health:

  1. Respect parents and others

  2. Lead a healthy lifestyle

  3. Work hard in school

  4. Be nice to others

  5. Be kind to animals

  6. Set goals for yourself

  7. No drugs, tobacco or alcohol

  8. Do one nice thing for another person every day

He teaches these positive concepts in fun, creative ways to motivate his audience to move and stay active. He is helping kids build a life-long foundation of health and wellness through quick and easy-to-do activities that can be incorporated into their daily lives. Even adults can benefit from the lessons he shares, whether how to stretch your back while watching TV to avoid becoming a couch potato, or spelling the alphabet with your wrists to keep the muscles loose and the tendons supple to avoid carpel tunnel syndrome.

Special Guest for School Assemblies and More

Cowboy Ted meets children where they are spending their time—in school, at home, and online. He works with schools, giving 45-minute assembly presentations, offering after-school programs, and, most recently, launching an online TV show series called Cowboy Ted 101. In addition, he has developed an Internet TV show for families called The Cowboy Ted Show, and written books that promote his message.

His shows feature short segments on fun and healthy activities kids can implement immediately and encourages young people to spend more time outside. He offers both a free portal and a low-cost paid subscription to his frequent videos and creative tips for healthier living. He is available for special appearance at birthday parties, television and radio features, and more. You can visit his website or call today for more information on how he can serve you, your school, your community and your family.


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