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Travis Christiansen, Saint George Attorney at Law, is a solution-based lawyer with a history of proven results. He recognizes that when you hire him, your life is in an acute state of stress and imbalance and you need to restore that balance and peace of mind as quickly as possible. If you’ve received a personal injury in a car wreck, you need to know that there is hope and healing ahead. If you’re facing criminal charges, you need a criminal attorney who can close the gap between where you are and your brighter future immediately. If your family is being rearranged by a divorce, you need family law to give you an assurance that the hearts of you and your loved ones will be whole again. Whatever it is that has caused you to walk through those doors, Travis recognizes that your ultimate goal is to walk out of them as soon as possible with a solution in hand. In order to make that happen, Travis puts first things first and creates a power-house strategy to get the outcome you’re looking for in the timeframe that you need: ASAP.

Affordable and Solutions-Driven

Some lawyers in Saint George recognize that the longer the clock is ticking, the more they are able to line their pockets with your hard-earned dollars. Instead of quickly leading you through the process, they are content to have it drawn out as you fight battles that you may not be able to win. That’s one area that Travis Christiansen resets the bar and goes above and beyond. Instead of focusing on the process, he focuses on the outcome. You are more than a statistic and a paycheck. You are a person who deserves the relief that you’re looking for, in as short a time as possible.

The battles he fights are the battles he wins. However, working with him means your case will only go to trial if it is necessary, and not simply for the sake of a fight. His willingness to bring your case to trial and aggressively fight for what is right gets results. Opponents know he doesn’t bluff and he doesn’t buckle, which makes them more likely to come to a settlement in your favor. He gently counsels you through the process while also taking a strong lead on what must be done.


When it comes to the law, Travis Christiansen has the homecourt advantage. His Saint George practice has a combined 50+ years of experience. When you’re in need of his services, it’s because there is a crisis in your life and now you have the added frustration of having to tread these foreign legal waters. You don’t have to do it alone. You can trust that he has the expertise to navigate you through these foreign waters and beyond.

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