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Our Docent Guided Tours are carefully planned with attention to minute details as we share the many facets of this beautiful country, with the intention of experiencing the country for future residence or business ownership. All tour guides in Belize must attend training and are licensed by the government, and Belize Real Estate Tours adds an additional level of training so that these licensed guides share information and places that assist our clients in their quest to become residents and/or investors.

And they are not only informative they are FUN! In between site inspections, there are unique activities and our signature top shelf VIP treatment…accommodations with impeccable service, transportation by plane, yacht, or helicopter whenever possible.
In going the additional mile, we also provide information and services concerning vehicle sales, vehicle rentals, relocation assistance, licensed land surveyors, legal services and arrange meetings with any government departments or banking officials you may need to meet with or engage for their services.

Belize is considered by visitors to be "the most beautiful undiscovered vacation spot" that allows them to enjoy the cultural qualities of a Latin/Caribbean Country well versed in the English language.  Belize is known for its beauty and magnificent natural wonders such as: the many islands in their beautiful waters, its beaches, the second largest barrier reef in the world, and its world-famous fishing grounds. To pique this already outstanding description, Belize is known for its high concentration of Mayan Temples, rivers, and interconnected cave systems - not to mention the many exotic animals and plants that live throughout the country in its undiscovered regions.

Where you choose to place your home in Belize can be as varied as a jungle rainforest, farming community, fishing village and/or tropical beaches and beautiful islands with tourist towns.

As each tour is customized according to the preferences of the small group on each tour, these photos depict some properties available at the current time in Belize. Riverfront, Farmland, Rainforest, and or course, beautiful Oceanfront and Private Islands are all available on a Fee Simple Title to citizens of other countries.


I am a buyer's representative for those wanting to purchase homes, land, investment, or businesses in Belize.  Using my experience as an EcoBroker, real estate agent, and my background in hospitality, I have created a week-long serious tour of custom selected properties sprinkled with FUN as we sightsee throughout the country.  When you purchase in a foreign country, you want to be assured you are getting what is represented, and a clear title in a neighborhood you want to live in.

My company, with a decade in Belize and owned by American ex-patriots, does the due diligence to assure you that you can obtain your dream home, land, farm, commercial property, or business with confidence that the legal work is done right, and you have clear title.  We also go to interesting andfun places, take you on "slice of life" experiences so you have a good understanding of what it would be like to live in Belize.  And we explore the wonders of the Mayan ruins, caves, jungles, reefs, and wildlife and marine sanctuaries the country has to offer.

Monday - Saturday
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