Your Best Tip For Reaching Your Goals

on 05/28/2015 - 01:25 am

My best tip for reaching your goals is to stay focused.  First, identify and clarify your goals.  If you are not sure what they are, you can't stay focused on them. Second, break them down into smaller goals, keeping the big ones in view.  It's like climbing a staircase - one step at a time keeping the top in view.   Stay focused on each step.  Third, get rid of distractions.  Stay focused.  Distractions will take you away from your goals or slow you down.  When a distraction arises, get rid of it immediately.  Stay focused.

In summary, to reach your goals stay focused. To do that,

1.  Identify your goals;

2.  Break them down into smaller goals; and

3. Avoid distractions.

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Martha Robards

Professional Mentors International, LLC



Everyone wants to be a number one bestselling author and get published by a major publishing company. But that idea may not be right for you at this time. We need to be honest with ourselves, know what we personally need and where we want to go. So it’s important for each one of us to explore our options.

I did this when I finished my first novel. After doing some research I realized that I didn't want to get 73 rejection letters like Stephen King, or wait 3 to 5 years to see myself in print. So I went to the newspaper in the town where my story takes place and asked the publisher if he would like to print my story as a serial. He happily paid me to publish my story and then helped me to get it printed in other newspapers.

Publishing in Newspapers In Education nationwide gave me the support, confidence and motivation I needed as a new writer and paid me much more than a book publisher would have given me as a first time author. I also got to visit schools and developed programs that have added to my becoming known as a writer and public speaker. And best of all I only gave One Time American Serial Rights to the newspapers and kept my copyright to publish my book down the road.

So the moral of the story is: Explore YOUR Options! It worked for me. I hope it will work for you.


Janie  Lancaster


Put love and service of others first in your heart.  Put the needs of the people that are part of getting where you're going first.  Rather than asking yourself, "what can this person do for me?", ask yourself "what can I do to serve this person?".  You'll find that doors open that you hadn't imagined and you'll enjoy each and every minute.


Craig Klein



To achieve goals rapidly and consistently requires a strong foundation. The best advice is to establish truth first. This step takes the longest amount of time and work, and that is why so few accomplish their objectives. The truth will indeed set you free…free to achieve goals others only dream about. So how does one get started?

For the last 30 years I have used this process and each time it resulted in not only hitting goals but exceeding them. For example;

$35 million plastic’s company, hit $78 million in 12 months

$14 million vehicle manufacturer grew to over $85 million in 6 years

…and I have many more examples if interviewed.

Establish market truths first. You can accomplish this with win loss interviews but I prefer 4 legged sales calls with my team asking open ended questions to understand the customer, market, buyer and more specifically the buying process being used today. After 12-20 interviews, map the data you learned and you will find common patterns and common places sales stall.

Establish internal truth second. What is your distinctive competence…really…not what you say on your web site what are yours? What is your value proposition? What problems do you solve for customers?

Once you have the above you can create a strategic roadmap that will include new tools to help the buyers buy. Your close rate will climb. For example the project I just finished resulted in a close rate growing from 47%to 76% in 8 months!

Establishing truth is the most critical step in achieving goals. Put another way; let’s say you want me to give you directions to say Atlanta. No problem once I understand if you are in Cleveland or Tampa. Once you establish truth you can build a strategic roadmap to achieving goals.


Mark Allen Roberts

OTB Solutions


Ask for help.  Some may feel that to achieve a goal they must do it without help, almost as if asking for assistance would detract from the success of achievement. There is no edict that I am aware of that goals must be achieved in isolation.

Those that are confident they can reach a goal trust that the resources will appear when the time is right.  Confident people understand that to receive the resources, they may need to ask for them. Accountability can be a key resource in achieving goals but goal seekers won't get that unless they ask for it.  

Confident goal seekers ask for help and receive it.

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Sheila Kennedy

THE Confidence Coach


Too many people mistake having a dream with having a goal. A goal is specific, measurable and a manageable destination. You know what you want, when you want it, and you know how you're going to go about getting it. Nothing else matters, or works, until your goal is in place, in writing.


Becky Blanton

VA Business Records


The best way to reach your goals is to Write each goal down as specifically as possible. Then,  start each day by Looking at your specific, written goals with a mindset that you can achieve them and that for you owe it to yourself and family to do your best to accomplish them.


Steven Step

A Step Ahead Financial


Best tip I can give for reaching your goals is to have a strong faith. Faith is what lead you to create the goal, and only faith is going to get you through the cultivation of the goal. As long as you never lose faith, you'll be able to accomplish most, if not all, of your goals. Faith also produces perseverance, and perseverance is a key ingredient to accomplishing goals.  

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Jeroslyn Johnson

Make A Statement Entertainment, Inc.


I have found that the best way to get my work picked up is to speak only on topics that I am known in the industry for. Although I think I have many specialties, I am best known for Event Marketing, so it is there that I focus most of my attention. This tends to get my work picked up more often and by better quality sites.

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Tom Spano



The most tried and true methods of customer acquisition and retention are somehow still the most ignored.

Provide a good service at a competitive price and the customer is always right. Being customer centric is the bedrock on which any successful business must be built.

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Robert Bean

R & H Consulting


Find unique opportunities to promote your business by curating content that puts your company in front of a wider audience. When you curate content that is relevant to your target audience with enough frequency you become seen as a thought leader in your industry and thereby are promoting yourself and your company. You get publicity by helping others by promoting others. This pathway of content curation as  placed me on the first page on Google. Content Curation is a great way to get publicity.You'll find me as the Princess of Curation, Lori Wilk


Lori Wilk



Branding our business as a mother and daughter team has been effective - using photos with products for sale and short videos.  People in our world love the videos and are compelled to

come into the store. We enjoy educating our customers - and learn a thing or two along the way ourselves.

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Renee Poole

Not Just Antiques Mart


The best strategy for publication is the uniqueness of the product.  If a product is unique, then it in itself causes it's own publication.  The more ahead of its time the product is the more attraction the consumer has to it therefore reinforcing the probability of publication.  The product sells itself creating a need for publication.  If we look at modern times, most people are not interested in past products, however they are very interesting in what is new and fresh.  Innovation and state of the art creative products are what the consumers are looking for.  The more unique a design the more interest in how it works.  It sparks consumers curiosity, idealism, and childlike sense of the new.  Modern creative products command publication by just being what they are.


Todd Lease

Pyramid Roulette Gaming


My best tip is that business owners, leaders and executives should consider a business coach.

Steve Jobs had Bill Campbell.

Jodie Foster leaned on Robert De Niro.

Andy Murray has Ivan Lendl.

High performers in any field typically have a coach or mentor. A great coach provides you with the benefit of their experience and asks more questions than they answer. They force you to think about your business in ways that you wouldn’t do on your own.

Do you have a coach?

If not, you could be limiting your career success. That’s because coaches help you identify and focus on what’s important, which accelerates your success.

  • Create a safe environment in which people see themselves more clearly;

  • Identify gaps between where the client is and where the client needs or wants to be

  • Ask for more intentional thought, action and behavior changes than the client would have asked of him or herself

  • Guide the building of the structure, accountability, and support necessary to ensure sustained commitment

Simply put, a coach will help you stroke your success. It will pay off in clarity, happiness and increased success.

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Nathan Smith
CEO Business Division at Smith Durant Group