Your Best Tip For Reaching Your Goals

My best tip for reaching your goals is to stay focused.  First, identify and clarify your goals.  If you are not sure what they are, you can't stay focused on them. Second, break them down into smaller goals, keeping the big ones in view.  It's like climbing a staircase - one step at a time keeping the top in view.   Stay focused on each step.  Third, get rid of distractions.  Stay focused.  Distractions will take you away from your goals or slow you down.  When a distraction arises, get rid of it immediately.  Stay focused.

In summary, to reach your goals stay focused. To do that,

1.  Identify your goals;
2.  Break them down ...

Growing Your Business By Giving All Away For Free?

People do business with the people that they Know, Like, and Trust, so how do you get people to Know, Like, and Trust you faster? Simple:  remove the risk or as much risk as possible.
The fastest way to do this is by giving away a sample or two. Sampling seems easy enough if you’re a candy bar or a cookie, that’s how Twix got me to try them out about 20 years ago–you give everyone who walks by a free sample. Once they’ve had a taste, they’ll be back to buy more. But what about situations where your product is too expensive to give away, or when what you sell is an intangible service?
Look for a way to let potential customers sample the experience. Give th ...

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